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Gibo Health Food Ltd was incorporated in Jan 2003 in BC, Canada, and now has grown into a major food retailer consisting of 7 stores across the Great Vancouver Area as well as a nationwide online retail platform. Our business specializes in quality Asian foods such as seafood, herbal medicines, teas, preserved snacks and condiments, etc.

To optimize sales across all stores, improve customer experience, manage product selection, and drive the growth of online platform, we are hiring a sales manager for overseeing the company’s sales strategies. The ideal candidate will facilitate customer engagement, product assortment management, and enhancement of both physical and online sales channels.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

·       Strategize, guide, and assess the operations of the sales department across Gibo Health Food’s physical stores and online platform.

·       Coordinate sales operations across various locations in the Great Vancouver Area, ensuring synergy in sales efforts.

·       Develop and implement policies and procedures for sales that align with Gibo Health Food’s business model and customer engagement strategies.

·       Engage in strategic planning related to the introduction of new Asian food products, based on market trends and customer preferences.

·       Lead the sales team in fostering relationships with customers, both in-store and online, and oversee negotiations of sales agreements.

·       Recruit, coordinate, educate, and manage sales staff to ensure they are well-versed in product knowledge and capable of enhancing the customer experience.

·      Collaborate with the marketing team to understand promotional strategies and ensure accurate communication of these messages to the sales team and subsequently to the customers.

Skills & Qualifications:

·       A college diploma or above in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field.

·       Minimum of 3 years of experience in a sales management role.

·       Demonstrable skills in developing and implementing sales strategies and managing a sales team.

·       Proficiency in market research and strategic planning related to new product lines.

·       Excellent communication skills for effective collaboration with other departments and customer relationship management.

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