R & D Director

  • Full Time
  • Burnaby

Website NU Stream Realty INC.

Job Duties:
1. Responsible for all APP client, H5 application and Operation (M station, WeChat public account, APP Hybrid H5), Applet, PC front-end, and back-end business development.
2. The realization of the overall architecture scheme of the project, the selection of cutting-edge technologies, including APP architecture, H5 architecture, applet architecture, hybrid solutions (Hybrid, QRN, self-developed framework, etc.), and applied in the main process of all core businesses of the company .
3. The overall HOTFIX plan of the project, the overall development and debugging plan, the overall monitoring plan, the overall continuous delivery plan, etc.
4. Public affairs used by the company’s front-end, including public functions, components, etc.
5. Participate in the construction of APP, H5, and application framework system, precipitate components, construction tools, self-funded innovation, promote front-end engineering and service, and continuously improve R&D efficiency and experience.
6. Study various cutting-edge technologies and innovative interactions to enhance user experience and develop front-end capability boundaries.

Job Requirements:
1. More than 8 years of front-end development experience, proficient in front-end and back-end related technology stacks, solid code skills, good upper-level design capabilities, and high abstraction extension capabilities.
2. Possess cross-terminal (APP/H5/PC) front-end development capabilities, familiar with network protocols (HTTP/SSL), and familiar with common security issues and countermeasures.
3. Familiar with languages (such as JS/Java/OC/C#, etc.) and have deep practical experience.
4. Possess APP Native client capabilities; experience in data visualization product design and development; experience in application development, operation and maintenance in large-scale high-load scenarios. 6. Develop and optimize the large-scale front-end workflow, large-scale front-end technology selection, architecture construction, and formulate large-scale front-end development specifications.
5. Research on cutting-edge technologies (such as Flutter), innovate development methods, and lead core technical personnel to tackle key problems.
6. Coordinate project unified resources, carry out in an orderly manner, and be responsible for the quality and efficiency of team output.
7. Have continuous enthusiasm for technology, improve team R&D efficiency, achieve better performance, and optimize product experience through innovative interaction.
8. Have good team management skills, have the ability to formulate technical directions and technical planning, and have good teamwork and communication skills.
9. High-traffic and high-concurrency business development background; background application development experience in complex enterprises; talents with independent open source projects or experience in well-known open source projects are preferred.

To apply for this job email your details to Nustreamrealty122@gmail.com.